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Saturday, 2 November 2019



1. Better to hire an inmigration lawyer to apply for it in your name. He could give you update information, list of documents, arrange appointment, pay taxes, prepare documents and apply for it on your behalf. 

2. The N.I.E could be applied either at the Police where you want to domicile or either in the Spanish Consulate in your original country. Ask an  inmigration lawyer in case this option is available where you live. 

3. You need to organise an appointment in most of the places and  to provide a full copy of your passport. It means the all passport not only the picture. 

4. You need to prepare the application form for it. It needs to fill full information about personal details, address, family and reason why you are applying for it. Remember N.I. E is only an identification number for foreigners. It does give you right to live in Spain or either to work in Spain. If you wish to do so consult your inmigration lawyer. The N.I.E is  requested  to buy a property in Spain, to buy a car, to pay taxes...

5. If you are not in Spain you could either appoint an inmigration lawyer to represent you in Spain with a POA it could be done on your behalf. Either it can be organised as mentioned before in the Spanish Consulate. 

6. The time to be issued is around 1 week. But it depends on where you apply for it. 

7. You need to pay the taxes requested for it. The taxes change every year by Goverment. 

8. Please, be aware that if you are irregular in Spain and you go to a Police to apply for N.I.E you Will be deported according to inmigration law in Spain. Make sure you consult before if you have right  to apply to your inmigration lawyer before to go there. 

9. Please, be aware that inmigration rules are changing all the time and only an inmigration lawyer could provide a full legal advise according to the updated law. Many citizens and even pólice call " N.I.E " to residence card which is totally different. Don´t be misslead. If you are EUcitizen and you want to work or to be fully legal in Spain you need to apply for EU residence registration in Spain. If you are non European citizen and want to live in Spain longer than 3 months you need to apply for residence permit. 

10. We  will  more than happy to be able to provide full legal inmigration advise covering all the procedure and avoiding any possible risk that could end in a deportation procedure. 

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